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PEMBINA says it is, Leading Canada’s transition to clean energy, The Pembina Institute is working to solve today’s greatest energy challenges — reducing the harmful impacts of fossil fuels while supporting the transition to an energy system that is clean, safe and sustains a high quality of life. We provide our expertise to industry and government leaders, and we advocate for a strong, science-based approach to policy, regulation, environmental protection and energy development. while Evergreen is,  research, design and collaboration, Evergreen moves sustainable city building ideas into action. Since 1991, Evergreen, a Canadian charity and international thought leader, has provoked bold action in transforming public landscapes into thriving community spaces

Toronto is a great city that is growing rapidly. As we grow, we need to ensure housing options remain sustainable, diverse, and equitable. The time has come to explore an innovative form of housing that is spreading across Canada – laneway suites.

Ottawa and Vancouver permit laneway suites. With your help, Toronto could too.


In Toronto, secondary suites are currently permitted within the main house of a property. This survey seeks feedback on the opportunities and sensitivities related to detaching the secondary unit into a laneway suite.


Results will guide preparations of a planning framework for laneway suites, implemented by the City of Toronto.

  • A detached, auxiliary unit, at the rear of a property, adjacent to a laneway.
  • It is on the same property as the main house, and cannot be severed or strata-titled.
  • Services are branched from the main house by the home owner (water, sewer, electricity, gas, garbage, mail, etc.) and can be sub-metered.
  • Laneway suites are currently permitted in Vancouver and Ottawa. Regina and Toronto are developing planning framework.
  • Laneway suites improve useability and safety of laneways, and sensitively increase housing supply while respecting the existing character of our neighbourhoods.

Laneway suites provide additional income for homeowners, and allow aging seniors, adult children, and caretakers to be close to their family support systems.

Tell us what you want Toronto’s laneway suites to look like!

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