Mr Cawthra Mulock, you have your Junction fame, as requested.

Born on 17 May 1882 Mr Mulock died suddenly in 1918 while visiting New York, a casualty of the Spanish influenza epidemic.

This blogs research subjects just converged few minutes ago, about 1am when my sentiment analysis stript, crashed, while interpreting railroad articles pre 1920 as to how they described the Junction. Today I added in another script to simply pull out articles about Junction theatres and copy them to a folder in my sever, but perform no analysis. But had set it up as a loop by mistake. A mistake that proved to most interesting, that revealed a lot about the Junction I may not have come upon.
Ok, enough of tech description how this info came about and here it is.

Cawthra Ave Mulock Ave are the 1st and last name of a person born into a high stratified Toronto family. He had much to with the organisation of Maple Leaf Mills and the surrounding area. Which he wanted people of the era to know. He also wanted us and history to know too as he named two streets off Junction Road after himself. Cawthra Ave. & Mulock Ave.

The blog will post a lot more, about this man in a few weeks, after I get someone to write it up, from the mass the data the script when off and pulled in, all pre 1920 as I set the reference date on the railway articles to that.
Here are some exciting items about the man,

He was a
1)On the board of the Toronto Guild of Civic Art.
2)He created a syndicate for the building the Royal Alexandra Theatre
2)While VP of Maple Leaf Mills in 1911 put together a number of bakeries to create Canada Bread Company Limited.
A few things this blog author thinks Mr Mulock would be in a much sorrow as I am with.
A) the loss of Monarch Rd. From the Junction.
B) the loss of Canada Bread from our area. A company that started in the Junction and left with leaving a memorial of itself, Ugh!

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