Mr Keenan touches upon Toronto’s insular art world with his article about the Toronto sign.

EDWARD KEENAN has a good article which provides a peak in the nepotistic and insular and occasionaly excellent public art activities in Toronto. You should read it. Mr Keenan dips into the deep, clouded world. (In full disclosure this blog author has benefited from from the connected art situation over the years) but that does not mean I respect it, nor believes it serves the Toronto Public at all.

While the article centres around the TORONTO sign remains from the Pan Am games in 2015, which in itself was a good addition proably the best object created for the games, in terms of getting Toronto’s name out. 

While we are on the object of the sign, it is respectful and nesscesary to point out the concept of the huge letter sign was not a Toronto creation in 2015, as the concept and basic design was part of a group of expedients, created from similar sign objects elsewhere. The large text sign had a run from 2013 to 2015 accross the world. While the Toronto sign worked and was suitably designed for the Pan Am games needs, many other versions of the concept around the world were much more commutative, and great more beautiful.

Yet the blog agrees with Mr Keenan, let’s just keep the sign and gain advantage from international recombination of Toronto and events the sign was generated. 

The blog will continue this post tomorrow, but not to take away from Mr Keenan’s article, which should be read by anyone concerned about cultural situations in Toronto.

The start of the article. 

Mon., Oct. 3, 2016

The TORONTO sign — the name of the city spelled out larger than life in bright, primary-coloured lights — is, as I’ve said before, public art lightning in a bottle. An inexpensive and unheralded installation that was supposed to be temporary and almost instantly became much-admired, much-heralded, beloved.

It was the goofy thing we didn’t know we needed to bring a touch of magical life to Nathan Phillips Square. A splash of braggy colour, a focal point, a tangible item that anchors a sense of place simply by naming that place.

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  1. Raymond says:

    This sign has been the most successful thing to come along in memory. It has been a great boost for morale of residents and wildly popular with visitors. It’s cost is pennies i comparison to other efforts that all fail to do what this one simple sign has accomplished.
    From the very beginning it caught everyone by surprise. Yet, politicians can’t help but try to mess with something like this. LEAVE IT ALONE! Get lost!

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