New Galleria Mall design article in Star newspaper

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Galleria Mall design article in the Toronto Star, click here 

Residential and retail development to replace 1970s mall in the Junction.



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  1. Raymond says:

    By no stretch of the imagination is this part of The Junction as the article headlines.

    Best comment was by someone who said “Don’t become another Liberty Village” That is for sure. This development has nothing to praise. Just another greedy developer building over-priced poorly constructed condos. Might contribute something to the area if they could somehow straighten out Dupont Street.

    BTW link still not working re condos item

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Agree but they – newspapers – do this all the time.

  2. junctionist says:

    Back in the 1960s and 1970s, some people saw malls as the modern equivalents of main streets. But that idea proved a failure as soon as the owners stopped people from handing out pamphlets for controversial issues or holding protests as you would in a real downtown area.

    The mall was clearly a private place of commerce when people (youth especially) were confronted by security for “hanging out” or loitering in malls. Malls ended up being a concentration of clothing and shoe stores, unlike most main streets.

    And yet, at the Galleria Mall, the old premise holds true. There’s a wider variety of businesses versus a regular mall–many are independent. Some people come to the mall just to sit on the benches and talk.

    The Galleria Mall isn’t a real replacement for a thriving main street. It’s still an entirely private space where the owner can enforce whatever rules he or she chooses, as long as the rules aren’t illegal. But in its present form, it’s probably the closest realization of the “mall as a main street” idea of any enclosed mall in Toronto.

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