New TTC streetcars in the Lambton Junction yard tonight

Squeezes in the middle ya!

Location:Dundas St W,Toronto,Canada


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  1. Derek says:

    I saw them myself when going thru the underpass. Very cool

  2. JunctionJim says:

    Their gorgeous, now if they could build the new airport express as an LRT line, how sweet would that be.

  3. FreddyF says:

    “Lambton” with a B, not a P. People don’t spell the Junction as the Junktion.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Thanks for the help changes made.

      • the_lemur says:

        It still says ‘lampton’ in the URL.

        There’s no ‘junktion’ on the site; Freddy F was just using that as an example of why you wouldn’t spell Lambton with a P either.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      cannot find Junktion, can you link to the post where it is pls.

      Search Results for: Junktion

      Sorry, we couldn’t find any results that matched your request.

  4. A great change for the new time. Can’t wait to get inside and experience that new-made odour. Wondering if there are special features for clearing unexpected heavy snowfall covering the tracks. Are there floor surfaces that are anti-slippery. Especially for older citizens. How about the physically-disabled. What special features. Nevertheless, these issues and more have already been considered, I trust. So expectantly excited, truly.

  5. A.R. says:

    This may be the most exciting discovery to ever be posted on this blog for its city-wide interest. Everyone in The Junction knows this underpass on Runnymede, but in the greater context of the city, the underpass is an obscure place for the new streetcars to emerge. Good work reporting on the arrival of our new vehicles!

  6. W. K. Lis says:

    Congratulations on your scoop!

    Too bad they removed that railway siding at Hillcrest. Maybe they should put in a temporary siding for the other 200 new low-floor streetcars coming.

    • Raymond says:

      That would make too much sense!

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Thanks, it really brought the readership of the blog up today, which is good as it puts the Junction in peoples mind.

      I think the TTC is putting in a temporary siding to deliver the trains, will post about it tomorrow.

  7. SamB says:

    Ron Burgundy makes a silly, unthinking, juvenile comment.

  8. Holly says:

    I have never been in favour of the Streetcars being on the major streets. Sure, they can hold more people than a bus, but when one car breaks down, all of the other cars pile up behind it. Also, when there is a traffic jam in the street-car lane, they can’t “hop off the tracks” and go around the traffic. Buses (whether they are articulated or not) can switch lanes, go around “distractions” are are more functional on the major arteries.

    • Hans says:

      Well, a much better option than a bus is a trolley-bus (an electrically powered bus by an overhead wire and on rubber tires) Toronto had plenty of these from 1940s until 1993, when the entire overhead network was dismantled. A very unwise decision, but of course pushed by the car and bus lobbies. Buses are definitely suitable as well. As for streetcars, the current streetcar network in Toronto is a joke. All streetcars must have a priority streets/ lanes, of course in downtown Toronto again that is hardly possible. If a streetcar breaks down – not a problem – the next streetcar pushes it to the depot, that’s the least problem

  9. John says:

    the problem as i see it with buses on our downtown streets is this; Toronto was laid out in the 1800’s as such our downtown roads have no gotten any larger. Being that it takes 2 buses to carry the equivalent number of passengers as a streetcar it would seem that elimination of our streetcars would lead to a mess of unthinkable proportions. Buses merging in and out of traffic, bunching up, and belching out fumes. i think streetcars are much better suited to our crowded downtown roads.

  10. j says:

    * * * * * C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! * * * * *

    to THE JUNCTIONEER for breaking this story!
    for its record day of viewing ~ such a great community service!

    * * * * * C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! * * * * *

  11. W. K. Lis says:

    The front of the new low-floor vehicles are missing the green bulls-eye light, which the PCC and Peter Witt streetcars had in front and top at center.

    Assuming the two upper corner lights are the blue handicap accessible lights used for accessible vehicles.

    Maybe the TTC can add them later, but Bombardier should add them for the production versions as a “factory” option instead of a “dealer” option. What other “dealer” options are missing? 2-way radio but no AM/FM Radio?

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