nothing much at the Toronto and East York Community Council – 2016-01-19 to affect the Junctions

The blog watches the Toronto and East York Community Council for items affecting the Junctions which includes wards 14 , 18 and 19 which geographically touch on the Junction Triangle, The Junctions and other areas that have touch points to the Junctions, and the local railways.

…but the upcoming council sessions have little on board for those area.


Appointments to Business Improvement Area Boards of Management

Ward 14, Gord Perks, who does not know he is a Councillor, a good one but one who feigns off running for mayor which he should.

People leaving Parkdale Village BIA:
Crowe, Nicole
Fiore, Francesco
Mallory, Adam


Ward 19 Trinity-Spadina

Mike Layton
Toronto City Councillor

People leaving Ossington Avenue BIA:
Angell, Jamie
Bryan, Sean
Georgopoulos, Ken
Nguyen, Linda
Pentland, James

…a bit of a blurb from the cities site, that is a bit wrong, BIA’s get 50% of capital expenditures from the city, so the BIA pays half of capital items, benches on streets, etc and your  taxes pay 50%.

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a group of self-funded (not completly) commercial property owners and business tenants created to improve the local business environment.  BIAs are governed under the City of Toronto, Municipal Code – Chapter 19.

For more information, contact Ron Nash, City of Toronto, BIA Office, at 416-392-7354, or at


…and a development application for at 56-58 Atlantic Avenue, 25-35 Liberty Street and 57-65 Jefferson Avenue.

This application proposes a 12-storey office building with retail at grade, a 2nd floor showroom and 4-levels of underground parking at 56-58 Atlantic Avenue, 25-35 Liberty Street and 57-65 Jefferson Avenue.  The proposal also includes retention of the historic corner building known as 25 Liberty Street.  The overall proposed building height is 53 metres (59 metres to the top of the mechanical penthouse).

liberty village


Proposal The application proposes to redevelop the site with a 12-storey office building (59 metres including mechanical penthouse, 53 metres excluding mechanical penthouse), retaining the 3-storey building on site known as “25 Liberty Street”, located at the southwest corner of Liberty Street and Atlantic Avenue. This development proposes a total gross floor area of 26,301 square metres with 24,696 square metres of office use and 1,605 square metres of retail use at grade, with frontage on all three municipal streets. The second floor will contain a 1,975 square metre showroom with no retail use. The total proposed floor space index represents an overall density of 7.9 times the area of the lot. The building is proposed to have a 4-storey podium with a 5-storey glass atrium connecting to the retained building at 25 Liberty Street. The 3rd floor of the building has a south-facing outdoor amenity area located behind the 25 Liberty building. The 5th floor of the building contains an outdoor amenity space area that wraps around the perimeter of the roof of the 4th floor podium. Above the podium is an 8-storey tower with an average floorplate of 2,285 square metres. The tower will be setback 8.3 metres from Liberty Street and 6 metres from the south property line. The tower will be setback 0 metres from both Jefferson Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. Above the 25 Liberty building will be a 10 metre clearance distance between the roof of the building and the cantilevering of the 8-storey tower. The proposal includes photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the 12th storey and the roof of the mechanical penthouse in lieu of the green roof requirement.



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