Nyctophilia, to have a love of the night., at Weston Rd & Dennis Ave, an situation art work straight up Keele St, and Weston Rd. For 10 mins by car (traffic), 22 by bike from Keele/Dundas (daytime) 


Need a light? There are 35 too many at Weston Rd. and Dennis Ave.

A $250,000 public art project meant to resemble an “illuminated grove” turns out to be more puzzling than enlightening.

Ten utility poles  Weston Rd. and Dennis Ave., with 36 street lights attached to them. 

Work name. 

 “Nyctophilia,” which means to have a love of the night.

This $250,000 public art project has been made possible through a combination of: a $193,000 Sector 37 private sector contribution 


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  1. Raymond says:

    I feel sorry for anybody who lives near this stupid nonsense. Does the excessive lighting affect people’s lives such as being able to sleep at night? Look how close these lights are to the residential windows. Property owners ought to apply for reduced assessment as it brings down the value of their property.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Will get a night shot, there r blocking attachments to block light to certain directions.

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