Carlton Village Public school conversion to Division 11 police station update

The old  Carleton Public School at Davenport and Osler is going to be used for the new Toronto Police Division 11  station scheduled  for July 2011.   We drove by March 23 2009 to take a look for any signs of that the conversation has started of which there were none.

…see this post by Junction RA chair Louis, as to the design stage information




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  1. Tony Patrono says:

    Hurry up already!

    The Park that the empty school is situated on is now being occupied by drug dealers and punk ass kids breaking into cars in the parking lot that’s on the ptoperty and its a filthy mess with garbage ..they really need to take care of that problem coz its getting worse!

  2. CD says:

    It looks like the demolition of the old school is about to begin…lots of memories in that place!

  3. Joe Rendace says:

    I went to that school through out the 1970’s and it was different we played sports on that property and walked home to exeter without a problem. Now that i hear they are tearing it down it is sad to hear, especially that the achitecture of the building is extra ordinary.

    • A.R. says:

      They’re not tearing it. The original part of it will be incorporated into a new design, though the Modern addition will be demolished. (In this case, the postwar Modern addition wasn’t that interesting compared to the likes of Runnymede Public School and High Park Alternative.)

  4. John says:

    They’ve torn down the newest part of the school!! I remember my grade 4 class with Mr.Cruickshank in ’75-76 was in that part of the school…now it’s gone!

  5. Mara says:

    Can anyone tell me who is doing the demolition work?

  6. PBK says:

    I drove by yesterday and was sad to see it a demolition site! I wish I could have walked the halls one last time, to see every room I remember so well, the library, the gym, the pool, all my old classrooms! I attended from 1975 – 1983 and have such fond memories of the school! Too bad its gone!

  7. Christine McMullan says:

    My mother attended Carlton P.S. from 1924 to 1931, then went onto Western Tech.
    Where would Carlton P.S. records be held. I am compiling a family history.

    • L. Prokupek says:

      You may want to try TDSB archive. Mr Greg McKinnon is the archivist and can be reached at 416-397-3682. Good luck.

  8. Leslie Brown says:

    I drove by the other day and the renovation is beyond beautiful. I thought it was for a seniors’ residence or else for Carleton Village P.S. renovated. I didn’t realize it was a cop shop until I went on this web site. How typical that our money is going into such a beautiful building yet it will not include any of the members of the community, especially the children, who would benefit the most.

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