Ontario’s never ending crime, Coercive Control, & the Junction.


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Normally the blog the stays with local municipal, retail, design information, yet coercive control abuse has touched the Junction in the past few years, so this post.

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Just about 2 months ago, a young man who grew up in the Junction died, you may have seen this person as a youth and teenager in Vine Parkette. As a teenager be hung out on the parkette in 2009 and into 2014. Confused and daunted about the issues and behaviour that was being applied to him he adopted a drug habit, to self medicate his pain and confusion. In February of 2017 he overdosed on a drug and died.

The author of this blog did not know this person, well, we recognized each other as being from the Junction at Nathan Phillips Square in 2015, while both working with the Pan Am games. We got to talking, how we met, me being annoyed with the red tow truck dealing drugs just outside of Vine Parkette, and him being a customer of the truck. Yet we always stopped and talked a bit when we met afterwords, and to shorten the story, coercive control had played a part in his life to his condition. This young person, in his 20’s at the time of his death, appeared as a person who you would not expect to so confused and affected by the abuse layered upon him. He dressed well, worked, sported a really good hair cut. Yet while appearing as a normal guy, the intense effects and problems the coercive control brought to him, dropped him flat, and seeking rest and escape, from the thoughts the abuse brought him, of being useless and stupid. He used the drugs wrongly to escape the pain. He knew that. He the told me he had attended a drug rehab program, but the result was unsuccessful. He was going again to a DARE program, a
couple weeks after his death I saw a poster on a pole about a memorial for him.

March 15th 2017 would have been the 45th birthday of another Junction man who tool his own life in 2010 after a difficult marriage where he received considerable coercive control. Again a person who held the pain in, other then with a few people. A person who was a great father, and friend and neighbour.

However if the abuse of coercive control was widely know, and the police and courts considered it as a priority, many people would not suffer, nor lose their lives to a crime that probably will never end, but can be caught and stopped.


Coercive control can be difficult to spot from the outside if you don’t know where to look or which questions to ask,

“Coercive control can be many things but essentially it comes down to people exerting control via a pattern of behaviours, and these can sometimes be difficult to spot from the outside if you don’t know where to look or which questions to ask,”

Controlling and coercive behaviour, related laws should should be used to help victims before the abuser, harms the victim financially, emotionally and violently.

Many victims are not aware that being isolated from friends or family, having access to money and bank accounts restricted, or even having personal medical conditions revealed.

Police and courts are failing to use the laws and their old available to them to stop coercive abuse, both domestic and of disabled or marginalized people. Many police officers and court officials are unaware of the term of the pattern of behaviours an abuser uses in exerting control, over the victim.


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