Options for Homes to give budget surplus to condos purchases of Heintzman Place

Options for Homes, the non-profit condo development agency
… At the end of each development, if there is a budget surplus, gives it back to their homebuyers. They recently completed Heintzman Place at Keele Street and Dundas Street West, and we will be hosting a party for their homeowners to issue their rebates.


Nearly $650,000 will be given back to the buyers that day.


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  1. Jacquilynne says:

    Considering that Heintzman purchasers haven’t been able to get them to confirm that’s the purpose of this stupid party, I’m shocked to be reading about this — and with such specifics — on a blog.

  2. asd says:

    Sounds a good marketing strategy but as an owner nobody told me about it!

  3. Goose says:

    Unrelated comment/question: Does anyone know what is going on at the old Gas station & garage site accross from the Coffee Time @ Dundas/Annette/Dupont intersection? Looks to be more building activity going on there at the moment.

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