Others in need of community space have it much harder than we have in just getting our old police station into community hands.

Playgrounds and community hubs – especially those run by the community are a great benefit to everyone, even if you only use it occasionally. Centers even benefit those who do not use them at all, as they offer gathering spaces, play possibilities  and permanent place for community groups to have a drop in centre and volunteer programs to run their efforts.  Many of these groups are concerned about everything from road repair, to parks and traffic issues, when they apply their effort to any areas such as these it benefits everyone.

So why write about a plane used a kindergarten/daycare in a far off place?  The 1st reason is this author had seen the images of the plane parked and interior use of the plane. How the plane was transported and what type of community was it placed in was something interesting.

Gathering up all the images I could find on this projects and then using google maps to find the school – by comparing the surrounding buildings in the Google satellite view it could be determined on what street the centre and the plane were sat.

The children’s centre and the plane are sat in an urban area, where the plane must have been trucked too – sans wings which were later later attached. What a job all of that must have been and the collaboration needed to achieve such a community goal.

Adapting the plane to this use, was a great solution to a problem of needing more space, fast and without the cost and time to build a new building.

Now, in the Junction we have a building the old 11 division police station. A community group is working to get this station for the community, and you can help by going to their meeting or site and helping them get a stay on the building being sold,  so they have time to raise funds and develop plans to get the buildings.


Please do.


Headmaster Gari Chapidze brought the old plane from Tbilisi airport for an unspecified sum and arranged for it to be transported to Rustavi.


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The refurbishment took several months and Mr Chapidze says he was concerned at first that people would not take to the idea, but the unique playpen has become a hit with the parents too.

Staff hope that in addition to being a fun place full of knobs to turn and buttons to push, playing on the aircraft will help children develop technically.

The kindergarten currently has 20 children, but many more have been added to the waiting list since the arrival of the aircraft.

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