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Gardiner expressway massive concrete forming sheds for new road decks at night.


Development name: The Avenue


Development name: The Avenue

Location: Saffron Walden, Essex

Size: 2.9 Hectares

Architect: Pollard Thomas Edwards

Developer: Hill

Accommodation type: 76 units including 1 bedroom flats and 2-5 bedroom homes

The Avenue is a 76 unit scheme comprising of a mix of 1 bedroom apartments and 2-5 bedroom houses the scheme is a delivered by Hill in partnership with Hastoe Housing Association. The scheme includes 25% affordable housing as well as 18 flats and small houses exclusively for over 55’s.

The scheme responds sensitively to its mature landscaped context, within a Conservation Area and adjacent to a listed water tower. It creates a series of character areas which reflect the pattern and character of the neighbouring townscape and also maintains and enhances the intrinsic qualities of the site.

The heart of the scheme is a retained avenue of mature lime trees, The Avenue. The homes here are arranged around courtyards behind a new garden wall, or are set back beyond grassed and planted verges. The new landscaping includes relocated native hedgerows, planted fruit trees from existing rootstock on the site, and retention of most of the mature trees.

In 2016 the development won a RIBA National Award. On presenting the award the judges said:

‘The Avenue represents the best of new housing developments: a committed client, a skilled architect, and a site with a fabulous mature landscape. The lack of a pattern book of designs meant the architect was able to develop its own kit of parts, without reducing individuality or variety across the scheme. The palette of materials is traditional but the detailing is modern and crisp. The housing off the main avenue forms a series of courtyards that strike a clever mix of coherence and community for the owners. This is a great lesson in defensible space without the requirement for any signage – simple and successful urban design in action.’

The Avenue development exemplifies a number of the principles of the EDG including:

  • Appropriate use of materials selecting a traditional Essex material pallet with a contemporary twist, allowing the development to represent the context of traditional buildings without imitating them.
  • The series of character areas created in the development are structured so as to add up to a meaningful urban place that is both legible and navigable.
  • The development gives importance to the pedestrian scale, using buildings with an ideal building height to width ratio to provide enclosure.
  • Giving consideration to changing economies and home working; with a number of homes having study spaces provided in addition to bedrooms.
  • Responding to the challenge of maintaining existing landscape; relocating native hedgerows, planting fruit trees from existing rootstock on the site, and retaining most of the mature trees.
  • The variation in dwelling sizes and tenure types creates a community of mixed age groups, this can provide all important integration to the ageing population

Ontario build permits to get fast easier, say Ontario government.

/increased digitization of the approval process to allow e-permitting by municipalities and ease the use and understanding of the Ontario Building Code.


In addition, he said the province will help local governments hire more building inspectors, and take steps to ensure that, “registered building professionals remain up-to-date on building code requirements.”




“The great frustration in the field is that we have a prescriptive code, which tells you exactly how the house should be built, but attached to it we have the objective pathway, where innovation, creativity and other expertise like engineering and architecture come in.”


The Ontario government is inviting the public and industry to present their thoughts on the proposed changes. Submissions can be completed online or in person at one of several regional information sessions to be held around the province later this year.

CAMH wall restoration tech details,

….the walls were constructed by the patients without compensation as a therapeutic program to provide vocational tasks for the patients, it became a cost cutting action for the hospitial.


Clays bricks produced by the Don Valley Brick Works.

Wall suffers from, spalling, water,cracks,erosion,ivy scars, and rust and copper staining.

much damage caused by soft brick used in making the wall and cement rich hard mortar that used most likely in repointing.

Prehistoric Parents Used Baby Bottles Made of Pottery

AA Bronson at free art show on Lakeshore east

Green 13 reports 400 came to it’s election meeting candidates meeting

Green 13 Co-Hosts Environmental Debate:

Parkdale-High Park Chapter of 100 Debates on the Environment

Oct. 2
Almost 400 people were in attendance at Humbercrest United Church, where four parliamentary candidates gathered to debate climate change, water, wilderness conservation, pollution and toxic substances, GHG emissions, green technology, and more.

This high turnout demonstrates the strong support that exists for environmental action. Constituents are looking for a race to the top on environmental policy issues and leadership.

Regent Park is getting beautiful | all because of community pressure on the city

Sumach and Shutter st


Fresh Collective on Roncy is celebrating 25 years.



About the store from their blog.

Fresh Collective is the leader in innovative fashion retail in Toronto. Our three lovely boutiques specialize in independent Toronto designers. We supplement our collection with Canadian labels as well as some hand-picked international pieces to complete the look.

Ten years in business and growing strong, we succeed simply because we listen to our customers, have fantastic relationships with them and our team has a deep passion for women feeling fantastic through fashion.


Our goal is creating versatile wardrobes for the individualists who shop with us. We source pieces and lines with specific customers in mind. We believe in wardrobe building; finding those unique pieces that you’ll LOVE that will last you through various seasons, events and situations. We source timeless classics with that extra something special that reflects your personality and make you feel amazing. We also pepper our collections with fun pieces that pick up the trends without being so trendy you won’t wear them next year.

We know we don’t really sell dresses, skirts and tops. We sell confidence, beauty and self-expression through fashion. We inspire women to let their outer selves reflect their inner self, and think of fashion as a daily form of communication and art that tells the world just who we are.

130 Commissioners St, Toronto


130 Commissioners St, Toronto,





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