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Family-friendly activities, at the CPR yard Canada 150 Train, on August 11. Kids Craft Station, Three Things for Canada

Family-friendly activities

In addition to world-class entertainment, the CP Canada 150 Train has a number of family-friendly activities at each stop.

Kids Craft Station

Get crafty! Decorate your own conductor hat and colour CP posters.

Three Things for Canada

For Canada’s 150th birthday, let’s all give a gift of three things — three acts of service. They can be large or small. What will your 3 Things for Canada be? We have ideas to share at each event. Let’s get every Canadian doing 3 Things for Canada and celebrate our country in the process:
CP History Walk
Take a life-sized photographic tour of CP’s past to learn about the railway’s role in #ConnectingCanada.

The Empress Photo Station
This photo station will put you in a cutout of the CP 2816 Empress, a class H1b Hudson-type steam locomotive. Capture the moment when you’re blowing the whistle.

Snack Station
Stop by for a complimentary celebration treat (while supplies last).

CP Little General mini train
Don’t miss your chance to check out CP’s miniature train – it’s a ¼ scale model of a General Electric AC4400 locomotive.
The Little General will offer rides in Port Moody, Calgary, Winnipeg and Hamilton. It will be on site, but not offering rides, in Revelstoke, Thunder Bay, Montreal and Ottawa.

Read our frequently asked questions for more information about what to expect at each event

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Railpath Extension July update, still no Junction spur, ugh!

Full text of the July 2017 update, with blog denoted highlighing.

The Railpath moves to a greater length and with a better design and accommodations for walking, and extends wonderfully into the Junction Triangle, there still has been no talk of action for a spur of the real path to the Junction.

Although there is a spur of rail that comes off the tracks near the Railpath that comes to the Junction. The blog understands spuring the path off to the Junction would be much more difficult project. Mostly becuase the Railpsth’s present incarnation, is being lengthened adjacent to Metrolinx property and in cooperation with MetroLinx. Bringing a spur to the Junction would probably require cooperation of the CPR railroad, Metrolinx and the city.

With the Railpath weaving though much of the other west sections of the city, and the huge Lower Don Walkway extention and construction, which includes a pathway under the rail tracks, it appears the Junction has been forgotten walking paths.



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We are closer to constructing the West Toronto Railpath Extension between Dundas Street West to just south of Queen Street West. Staff are now focussed on completing the final multi-use trail design in 2018. Discussions about a construction schedule are currently underway with Metrolinx.

Implementation of the Railpath Extension is being carried out by both the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services and Metrolinx.

Most of the Railpath Extension will be located within the Metrolinx owned rail corridor.

As a result the design will need to be coordinated with other planned Metrolinx works. Currently, Metrolinx is in the design phase for a track expansion of the rail corridor to service the Regional Express Rail (RER) and future electrification of the Kitchener and Barrie GO rail corridors. For more information about these related Metrolinx projects, visit:

What needs to happen before construction can start?

The environmental assessment study established a final trail design. The Railpath Extension will be wider than originally anticipated and will be retained within the rail corridor or immediately adjacent to the rail corridor to Sudbury Street. This alignment would not have been possible without Metrolinx’s agreement and cooperation.

In addition to finalizing the trail design, there have been many technical challenges which required planning, coordination and time including:

finalizing the consultant team to undertake detailed design
negotiating a shared use land agreement with Metrolinx
negotiations with affected private properties
negotiations with existing utility infrastructure owners regarding relocations
working with community stakeholders and local councillors who have been critical in this problem solving exercise and process
What is Detailed Design?

Detailed design will include: asphalt pavement surfaces, fencing, lighting, urban design and plantings. Refining four pedestrian-cyclist bridges over the Barrie GO Rail Corridor and over Lansdowne Avenue, Brock Avenue and Queen Street are included within the detailed design scope. This phase will also produce detailed design drawings including construction standards and specifications, a Construction Management Plan, Environmental Monitoring Plan and Trail Operations and Maintenance Plans.

A number of permits and approvals will be secured prior to trail construction. Acts, regulations and City by-laws that may need to be adhered to will be incorporated into the design, including the Migratory Birds Convention Act, Ontario Heritage Act and Noise Control By-law, amongst others. In addition, where the proposed trail route intercepts public utilities, review and approvals will be required from Metrolinx and utility companies including Hydro One and Enbridge Gas.

Opportunities to Get Involved

There will be two planned public events to provide project updates and receive feedback. The first event will take place during design and the second will be hosted prior to construction.

Several meetings will be scheduled with key stakeholders including property owners, community organizations and residents to discuss topics such as access points to the Railpath Extension, safety, lighting, and planting.

The City will also be seeking advice from the Design Review Panel (DRP) whose mandate is to assist City Council in fulfilling Official Plan objectives by providing City staff with professional design advice on public and private developments. The project team first presented to the DRP on September 18, 2013. The City and Metrolinx will be going back to the DRP to seek advice on the multi-use trail design for the Railpath.


Dufferin Bridge Connection Completed

You may notice an exciting connection to the future Railpath Extension which has recently been completed at Dufferin Street. An access ramp, seating areas and future Railpath bridge across Dufferin Street were completed in June 2017 in combination with the railway bridge expansion. The seating area will open shortly, and the ramp and observation area on the bridge will open as soon as the new Pessoa Park on the East side of Dufferin is completed in the spring of 2018.

For more information about Pessoa Park, contact:

Eric Stadnyk – City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry & Recreation – Project Coordinator Landscape Architect


Railpath and Metrolinx Track Expansion (north of Dundas) Update

As many of you know, Metrolinx RER track expansion on the Kitchener corridor will affect the existing Railpath, which runs from Dundas Street West north to Cariboo Ave. The City of Toronto is currently evaluating the proposal by Metrolinx to ensure minimal impact to the Railpath. Metrolinx will present their plans at a public meeting in 2017.

For more information about this project, contact:

Erika Richmond – City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry & Recreation – Project Coordinator Landscape Architect



Lower Don River floods, Lower Don Trail at Riverside – video

Wednesday, August 2 at about 8 PM be on River flood the walkway at riverdale park.


CPR Canada 150 Train in the Junction, entertainment overview

Heritage train

Friday, August 11 | 5:00-8:00pm
CP Lambton Yard,
750 Runnymede Roa

The iconic F-unit diesel locomotive CP 1401 (1958) will lead the train, powering more than 10 beautifully restored Royal Canadian Pacific heritage cars. These cars are historical treasures and have hosted some of Canada’s – and the world’s – most influential minds including Canadian author Pierre Berton; Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip (pre-coronation); and Sir Winston Churchill.

All event guests are welcome to take photos of the train as our exclusive event backdrop.

Spirit of Tomorrow car

A highlight at each stop is the opportunity to take part in decorating a special railcar named the Spirit of Tomorrow. Children are invited to write their hopes for the Canada of tomorrow on a commemorative card. Each will be affixed upon the railcar and as the CP Canada 150 Train makes its journey across the country, the Spirit of Tomorrow will come alive.

The final Spirit of Tomorrow car will be included in CP’s 2017 Holiday Train program.


Also included in the train is CP’s exclusive retrofitted stage car where you’ll be treated to a truly Canadian performances of Dallas Arcand, champion Aboriginal hoop dancer and Juno award-winning country music sinIncluded in the train is CP’s exclusive retrofitted stage car where you’ll be treated to truly Canadian performances of Dallas Arcand, champion Aboriginal hoop dancer, Juno award-winning country music singer Dean Brody, country singer Kelly Prescott and our house band, the Rail Road Ramblers.

Canadian country music superstar Dean Brody
Dean Brody“I am so excited to be celebrating Canada’s 150th by train this summer, playing towns along the way, experiencing some of the more rugged and rare routes across our country,” said Brody, 13-time Canadian Country Music Award winner and two-time Juno Award winner, most recently for 2016 Country Album of the Year.


For more information about Dean Brody:

World champion hoop dancer Dallas Arcand

Denis Arcand Aboriginal entertainer and world champion hoop dancer Dallas Arcand will open the stage show with his world-renowned athleticism and grace, sharing the symbolism of the hoop dance and its significance in aboriginal communities.


For more information about Dallas Arcand:

The waterways of High Park 1882, very different from Today

Drawn using a city engineer map from 1882 as a reference, I decided to keep the street and avenue names off the drawing to allow a deeper visual relationship with the water location outlines.

Grenadier Pond has two parts separated by section of land in the east west orientation, while a smaller pond above Bloor St, flows into Grenadier Pond.

The waterway to the east of Grenadier Pond, is more varied in it’s run then it is today. Yet the southern “bottom” this water exhibits a small flood area, which still can flood today.

Foundations of the 1st St Lawrence Market.


They tried to save it, but it’s been demolished.

The last if you can railway business building in the Junction is gone. Was located at 189 Old Weston Rd and Junction Rd.

Application:Demolition Folder (DM)
Status:Permit Issued
Location:189 OLD WESTON RD
Ward 17: Davenport
Application#:17 157023 DEM 00 DM
Issued Date:Jun 2, 2017
Description:To demolish an existing one storey Industrial Building. (494.50 M2)

Three Things for Canada

Three Things for Canada

For Canada’s 150th birthday, let’s all give a gift of three things — three acts of service. They can be large or small. What will your 3 Things for Canada be? We have ideas to share at each event. Let’s get every Canadian doing 3 Things for Canada and celebrate our country in the process:

August 11, CP Canada 150 Train comes to the Junction

This family-friendly occasion has something for Canadians of all ages and there are a number of activities to explore during the three hour event.

Friday, August 11 | 5:00-8:00pm
CP Lambton Yard,
750 Runnymede Road


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Fall fairs within day trips of the Junctions.

Click any image for the full size flyer.

See the

Wellington Advertiser for news about the area where these events occur.

City Online survey about short term rentals such as Airbnb

On June 19, 2017, the City of Toronto Executive Committee directed Municipal Licensing & Standards (ML&S) and City Planning to consult the public on proposed zoning bylaw amendments and licensing and registration framework.

The proposed regulations are to:

Amend the City’s zoning bylaws to create a new land use called “short-term rental” that is permitted in principal residences across the city;

Prohibit short-term rentals that are not in a person’s principal residence;

License companies that facilitate short-term rental activity, like Airbnb; and
Create a registry for anyone who operates a short-term rental in their home.

If you have concerns or interests about these proposed rules for short-term rentals (e.g. Airbnb) in the neighbourhood, the City invites you to express those concerns in an online survey. It takes about ten minutes to complete.

The survey will be available online until August 18, 2017.

The input that you provide will inform the final recommendations that staff will report to City Council in the fourth quarter of 2017.

A bit of the survey,

The following scenarios reflect situations that would be allowed with the proposed rules for short-term rentals. Please read the scenarios and tell us how much you agree or disagree with each


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This post text contains it’s majority of text from Parkdale residents Association

Small front yard separation from street example.

This black high density plastic wall system, trade the raised planting bed and a definite separation from can’t walk to front yard, quite nice.

Map of Toronto and it’s Annexations

Map of Toronto and it’s Annexations


08/19/2017 at 12:00 PM

CAD $0


Inside the rarely open Rogers Mount Pleasant parkette.

The Rogers corporation has a very large operation centre in the 300 block of Bloor St East, as well as at least 4 other low rise building s a with loud voice reach of each other. In the middle if this grouping if buildings is a small parkette owned by company.

Here are some photos,

The sculpture in the photos is one of the most popular Pokemon sites in the city.