Playground Confidential blog has a great post on the TTC strollers issue.


There are lots of TTC/stroller articles out there in the “mainstream media”, here is a good one that is  not


Link to blog post



and anyone interested here is the link to the  Transportation Research Board (US) publication on the issue.



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  1. W. K. Lis says:

    The problem that the TTC is having with strollers are because of the low-floor vehicles and elevators in the subway. When I had my kids, there were no low-floor vehicles available on the routes I used and the elevators were few and unavailable. This meant a parent had to physically lift a stroller (and supplies) on and off a bus, or down and up (if there were no escalators) the stairs at a subway station. The stroller had to be small and light to do that.

    Now with low-floor vehicles and elevators available, the larger SUV strollers do not have to be “clean-n-jerk”ed, but simply rolled on and off.

    Maybe what is needed is for the TTC to put their “stamp of approval” on strollers, much like how the city used to “approve” low-flush toilets. It could become a marketing tool, if done right.

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