please skip down three posts for more of todays content

The plugin  author broke the plugin, so I am having difficulty deleting the 3 posts.


Things I am working on for blog archiving and making sure everything is stored beyond simply me maintaining it for future reference.


…multiple archiving formats and locations

….call up information, the blog is hosted on netfirms which was a Canadian company with local TO servers, no longer and they no  have no  any DNS severs in Canada UGH!

…different landing views of posts for the different Junctions for immediate access to local posts up top on the blog with other posts from other Junctions follow just below. so if you reside or view the blog from the Junction Triangle you will see posts related to the Junction Triangle, with other post following just down in the list,  same hierarchy for Junction posts.

…and a new surprise for January that I have to finalize to bring more content,  and have the content more finessed. getting input from a couple of people who have worked on beat blogging though the

Oh, the blog will remain as always, will be sponsor, advertiser, and grant free, to insure no bias can creep in.

Just a disclaimer, I do get sponsors and grants for my art work, so i not standing on a podium here. I just care about the blog and the community to much deal with funders.





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