Possible new homeless shelter coming to Junction area.

The city has been dropping g notices about a meeting for a new homeless shelter for 731 Runnymede Rd.

The meeting will take place Tuesday May 31st 2016 at 7pm to 8:30 pm at. The David Appleton Community Centre at 

 33 Pritchard Ave M9N 1T4

Contact Us: 416 394-2896

Fully Accessible

Ward: 11

District: Etobicoke York

TTC Information: Travel to Jane Station. Board the 35C Jane and travel to Pritchard. Walk east to 33 Pritchard Ave.


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  1. smodes says:

    At the old Goodwill location? Interesting…

  2. junctionist says:

    Why build a homeless shelter there? There are few medical clinics, social services offices, or food banks in the vicinity. Public transit isn’t that good. Most things that the homeless might need aren’t nearby. The land might be relatively inexpensive in the area, but it would seem to ghettoize the homeless to build a shelter there.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Most likely to reduce the load on Parkdale and the east end lower from Jarvis St to about the 490 block of Queen St. Both hose areas are bursting with homeless men and and marginalized men, and too a lessor degree women.

      Many men in the east services area are from the Junctions areas.

  3. Raymond says:

    “Public transit isn’t that good”

    Guess you don’t use public transit around there as it can’t get much better with SIX routes/branches directly to/from the subway!

  4. junctionist says:

    It’s not on the subway or a streetcar line, so it isn’t that good.

  5. Alan says:

    There are to many kids and families that will be put at risk.
    Bad location in my opinion. It would be like putting a safe
    Injection site in Forest Hill.

  6. john says:

    Bad news, not a good area for it. Lots of kids and families.

    Nowhere else to go but residential family neighbourhoods. Who is to blame for this? Council or ?

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Council has set a determination, to place shelters throughout the city. Currently they are positioned in the lowers east end, Lawrence West. Near Caledonia.

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