Postered poles in the Junction Retail strip – yea

Wow the black poles which are owned by Toronto Hydro are festooned with community and local business posters.

Not so exciting a few blog readers may be saying. Well for years the owner if a local retail business and a commercial property owner combed the street continuously removing the posters from the poles.

The poles with posters are a great community resource, allowing community groups – which have given right in law to attach posters provided they follow the rules to let people known what’s happening. When they were quickly being removed that did not happen.

Local business can place posters on the wall to quickly and cost effectively tell local customers about specials and activities.

Hope they continue to get postered.


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  1. Raymond says:

    This is an eyesore. Does anyone ever stop and read any of this crap? I doubt it. I cannot recall seeing anyone paying attention to these posters.

  2. A.R. says:

    Posters are in fact an important form of communication on the street, but to poster every pole, as one can see on major streets downtown, makes the street look messier. It invites abuse in the form of commercial mass-postering, until the poles are covered in many layers of glue and paper, which are then torn off in storms and end up littering the ground. With too many posters everywhere, people are less likely to read them. I would like to see special street furniture for posters installed around the city in large numbers and restrictions on postering on street poles.

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