Project Neutral and neighbourhood partners will launch the 2nd annual Household Carbon Footprint Survey at community meeting.

Attendance details,

The Junction: Saturday, October 1 13th, 10 -11:30 am at the Annette Public Library ( (auditorium), 145 

Annette St.

Riverdale: Sunday, October 14th, 1 -2pm, at Frankland Community Centre, 816 Logan Ave

from the group…
On the 13th and 14th of October, P Project Neutral and neighbourhood partners in Riverdale and the Junction will launch the 2nd annual Household Carbon Footprint Survey. In 2011, 14 40 households completed the survey. This year, P Project Neutral has set a goal of 400 households, and has partnered with local businesses and environmental organisations to offer a range off prizes and
incentives, including Options for C Cars, Autoshare, M J | architecture, Agora Cafe,RPM, Riversides, Green Power Action, Windfall Ecoology, Eyedro Green Solutions, Above Ground Art Supplies, The Good Neighbour Espresso Bar, and Bullfrog Power.

Each household that completes th he survey receives a Household Carbon Footprint Report, which provides a breakdown of the household footprint in terms of water, energy, transportation, food, and– new this year – waste. The report also compares the household with the average and top performers in their neighbourhood. Based on the results of the 2011 survey, leaders in Riverdale and the Junction decided they wanted to work together to offer residents ways to re educe their driving footprint. As a result, Project Neutral will be launching Get Charged! , our neighbourhood Electric Vehicle campaign.

“It will be really interesting for households to have a chance to see how their footprint compares to last year…to look at the data and c changes in behaviour”, said Managing Director an nd Co-founder Karen Nasmith. “It’s (the survey and household report) creating a buzz. People are talking about Project Neutral in Riverdale and the Junction; they’re seeing lawn signs, and posters in local  businesses, and they want to know what their neighbours are doing. It’s a grassroots, climate change dialog”.

The events on the 13th and 14th wiill also feature local residents of Riverdale and the  Junction author Vincent Lam, and former Mayor of Toronto David Miller (by video), and architect Martin Liefhebber (in person) speaking about why they have chosen to support Project Neutral.


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Vincent Lamb would be the star speaker at this event, and probably with good insight as to the necessarily success of projects such as Project Neutral. If his oratory skills are as good as his writing, the talk will be one not to miss. His latest book, The Headmaster’s Wager, has just been shortlisted for a Governor-General’s Literary Award in fiction


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