Protecting confidential journalistic sources



All text from the Toronto Star.

Almost every one of Canada’s allies has a law protecting confidential journalistic sources from state prying, yet we do not.

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Such surveillance poses a clear threat to freedom of the press and the health of our democracy, as the Supreme Court of Canada has warned. “The press should not be turned into an investigative arm of the police,” a majority of the court wrote in a 1991 ruling, which laid out the narrow grounds on which the state can legitimately seize journalistic materials. Given that such seizures “could well hamper the ability of the press to gather information,” and thus undermine the media’s essential democratic function, warrants should be issued only as a last resort, the court decided.

Private member’s bills in the Senate rarely make it into law. But for the sake of our democracy, the Trudeau government should ensure this one is an exceptio

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