Regent Park Athletic Grounds opening, what?, ugh! Junction?

If you live in the Junction and want to have the recreational facilities for children greatly improved you may want to attend this athletic grounds opening. 

Why?  Because from 2009 on wards the improvements and refurbishment of  local parks and parkette so has declined. There have been two primarily reasons, 1st Ward 13 has one of most, if not the top ward in terms of recreational facilities and parks. This good level of infastucture resulted in the city, doing very little new item development in the parks from their general budget. The parks department did however use section 37 funds from developments in the area to upgrades to parks in the area. One example, the upgrades in Vine Parkete, were from sections 37 funds, from the Rona and its surrounds development.

Now section 37 funds in the Junction west of Keele St. Are all but nonexistent. The developments east of Keele St are used for Ward 14 improvements.

Why is the Regent Park athletic grounds project so informative, it is worth attending? 

The project is a shinning example of design and implementation. Redesigned and rethought as the Regent Park area was transformed into a truly  Edit

egalitarian space.

A lot of examples and ideas can be seen for the people interested in upgrading such play areas in wards 13 and 14.

Use the search bar to search Regent Park, on this blog for many examples.

Oh, the blog author will be there. 

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