Reversing the long, slow decline in funding for TO parks

Image – Carlton Park –  Toronto April 29th 1913

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Let City Council know that parks are important to you and that a gradual, slow decline in city support for our parks is not good for your park and community. You can depute to the City’s budget committee, send in your comments or write your local city councillor. Find out how here. Toronto City Council will discuss and vote on the budget at the Council meeting on January 15-17, 2013.


Higher user fees. Flat-lined spending as the number of parks increases and the demands on our parks rises. A growing backlog of needed repairs to maintain our parks and facilities.

Unfortunately, these are the highlights of the proposed 2013 City of Toronto Parks Budget. The good news is that there are no cuts proposed. But a flat-lined budget really means a continuation of the slow decline in our parks – fewer gardens planted, trees not properly maintained, trails not repaired, fewer City-run activities.

A key focus for Park People is to facilitate community members coming forward to play a more active role in their parks. There are extraordinary people all over Toronto who have said that a slowly declining park is not good enough, and they are willing to volunteer their time and contribute some funding to support their local park and community.

But just as important, we need a properly funded City Parks department to ensure that Parks Forestry and Recreation employees can keep up their end of a community–City partnership for our parks.

Last year, the City proposed severe cuts to park funding. With your help, Park People was able to make a difference and stop most of the cuts. We need to speak up for our parks again this year. Read the details on the budget here and find out how you can have your say. Let your councillor know that good parks are important to you and your community, and that we need a strong parks budget.

As well, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Park People to support our efforts in improving Toronto’s parks. Working together, our new parks movement is making a difference. Every neighbourhood in Toronto deserves a good park.

See you in the park,

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