Runnymede Rd and Ardagh St garage in corrugated steel, yea!

From prefabricated Quonset Huts to churches in Australia  buildings that needed to be cheap and lightweight  were and are made of corrugated galvanized steel or iron. This wonderful but form of metal that can cause a lot of differing opinions when it is used really if part of a any urban setting. In the Junction you can see a very old fence made of the material across from the Maple Leaf Foods plant.


The material also spurred the start of Canada’s glass art movement, in a disused corrugated steel Quonset Hut.

… invented in 1829 by Henry Palmer

….has been adoptied as the default building material for the world’s slums,

….in its extraordinary ubiquity, become virtually invisible.

…..corrugated iron was developed to provide a rigid sheet material which could be used as both structure and cladding – a one-stop shop for industrial building.

…..Isambard Kingdom Brunel was an early adopter, using it for the great spans of Paddington Station.

book on the subject

Adam Mornement’s , Corrugated Iron, good study  of social  history told through the biography of this seemingly mundane material.



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