Sha Sha organic bread co. – keeps it for the community

Sha Sha organic bakery has a factory store just down the street from it’s bakery that opened a few months ago. Within the bakery store they also operate a café. Having a outlet store off the Queensway is all very nice. Their products can be pretty good, but look at the street name. Straight from the 50’s, Plastic Ave housed a complete set of industrial factories though the 50’s to 90’s. Most of the former industrial lots in the area have been populated by big box retail and other non – manufacturing firms. Sha Sha has  kept the street in a manufacturing sector. The city should award them.

Oh yes there is a small 3M building on the street, but it looks like a distributor office not a place where they make things.

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  1. shasha says:

    Thanks for the comments we are trying to see if it is possible to change the Ave. name
    Stay well shasha

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