Shower where – in your home

Designing best use in Junction homes can be tough. The long narrow houses give little room for movement other than room to room and the hallways seem to be rather useless in many of the houses. Some houses do have good large hallways and staircases but those are few.

Washrooms are another area where some homeowners have resorted to conversion of a bedroom to a washroom.

Which leads to the possibly if going way out and maybe sitting the washroom up as can happen in over locales.

The author of this blog once stayed in a apartment in Arhus Denmark where the shower Was the entry hall – just inside the front door. As you opened the entry door to the apartment you stepped into the shower directly in front if you was archway to the main apartment area. It took some getting used too.

After this I noticed in various euro cities apartments showers placed away from the other washroom area.

This placement of the house shower this author has never seen here. However acing the shower in non normal areas can have some benefits – placement in a location with better access to natural light, larger.

Below are some images from a desiretoinspire blog post of a shower placement that is non conventional here but not at all in France where the apartment is.

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