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Ms Kerns, is producing some very insightful writings about the Junction. Well worth a read if you truly dedicated to the Junction.

Jo and I cross the street towards a fenced-off vacant lot on Dundas Street West. A black wooden monolith rises 20 feet into the sky with the letters DU/KE positioned near the top, signalling that this lot will soon be the site of a new condo development, cleverly named for its location near Dundas and Keele Street. Today, the site is not really vacant. We pay a $2 entry fee and wander into the Junction Flea, a monthly market with a lot of buzz. It’s July in Toronto and it’s hot, at least 30 Celsius and humid. The air shimmers; there’s no shade to be found. Merging into the crowd, we meander from vendor to vendor: vintage scarves, craft beer, handmade organic popsicles, old jewellery, mid-century furniture, dishes from the 1970s, and vintage portrait takers. We buy some buttons and scarves, take pictures, chat with a few friends, and eventually admit defeat to the high sun and high prices. We head west in search of ice cream.

full article here in PDF form for download from SAGE Journals


Below is a audio version of the article, made via computer program, it may have some issues including a bit of random float-sum from the text version of the article, such as headings and stuff although much of all the page numbers and like text of the article has been removed.

  • Leslie Kern


Location:Bridgepoint Dr,Toronto,Canada

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