Straw Bale Gardening –

Inner city gardening using the ground soil can be risky, as the condition and what is in the soil is often unknown. Here is a unique and surprisingly new way – straw bales.

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This method of gardening works very well from areas inside the Arctic Circle, to the heat of the Caribbean. If you can find bales of straw, or similar bales of tightly compressed organic material, you can garden this way. Simply replacing existing soil with a “container” filled with beautiful “conditioned” compost as your growing media. From airid desert regions to the rainiest places in the world, if you have access to sunlight and water then this method of growing will work. No special tools are required, and no knowledge of gardening is really required to be successful. The elimination of many of the most common problems associated with vegetable gardening, makes this method great for beginning gardeners, organic growers, or those experienced gardeners that are just tired of all the hard work.

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