Subway Motel lot at the corner of Vine Ave and Keele st. fence gone.

2   3 The last parts of the last building to sit on this site seem to be disappearing. The old Subway Hotel building had been renovated into an  illegal apartment block. When a gas explosion (1986) inside the building structurally weaken the building beyond repair, it was still being run as rental building.or some time before the fall of 1986 when a gas explosion inside the building structurally weakened it. It had to be taken down. Wonderfully no one was hurting in the explosion.

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  1. A.R. says:

    That vacant lot is such an eyesore. But then again, so is the parking lot beside it, and the anonymous Public Storage building with that always filthy cavity between the back of the building and the railway bridge. (Every once in a while, someone does seem to clean up the tires, rags, garbage, and graffiti that accumulate there.) That part of Keele is still a reminder of the way the neighbourhood declined in the last decades of the 20th century, though Heintzman Place offers hope that like Dundas, it can also be revitalized. I hope we see some positive development for this empty land with sidewalk widening and some greenery.

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