Sunnyside Improvement to Be Extended Farther West, 1922



Sunnyside Improvement to Be Extended Farther West

Alteration to Highway


Work which will pave the way for further beautification and improvement of the western end of the Harbor Board’s Sunnyside development is rapidly approaching completion.  This is the grading and paving of the new traffic roadway from the Sunnyside bridge to Jane street.  This road lies midway between the Lake Shore boulevard and the old Toronto-Hamilton Highway, and the T.T.C. tracks to the Humber run down the middle of it.

   For some time paving contractors have been at work on this roadway, and it is now paved continuously from end to end on the south aide, as far as graded, and almost continuously on the north side. All that remains to be done is the ‘short piece of grading to connect this new road with the Lake Shore boulevard, where the latter swings northward at the Humber to connect with the Toronto-Hamilton Highway.  When this is completed the city will have done all it can do at present.

   There will remain unpaved a stretch about 200 yards along on the north aide of the roadway, immediately west of the Sunnyside Pavilion. This cannot be paved until the Hydro Commission removes two concrete footings of one of its high-tension power line towers from the roadway. Two of the footings of this pole, which Is immediately north of the entrance to the bathing pavilion, stand in the roadway. The Harbor Commission has promised the city that it will have them removed by the Hydro Commission, and it is expected that the Hydro will construct two new footings  north of the roadway, and move the tower over, so that it will stand on the two existing footings not on the roadway, and on the two new ones to be built.

   The contractors are at work now cutting and grading new roadways from the new traffic road across the Harbor Board’s property to the old Highway to connect Windermere and Ellis Avenues and other thoroughfares leading under the railway tracks with the new traffic roadway.

   As soon as this new roadway is open for traffic, which is expected within a short time, the city, by bylaw, will close up the old Toronto-Highway, beside which the radial tracks run.

   With this adjustment of highways, the Harbor Board will be free to go ahead with the beautification of the western end of Sunnyside, making whole lake shore playground equally attractive as the area around the amusement park at the Sunnyside bridge.

   Contractors have begun work on the erection of a large roller-coaster, which is being built on the north side of the big “’merry-go-round.”

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