That time again city seeks, Purchase & Removal of Aluminum Cans


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Description: Purchase & Removal of Aluminum CansOffers are invited for the Purchase and Removal of Aluminum Cans collected through the Blue Bin Program in the City of Toronto from the date of award for a period of 4 months, 8 months or 12 months, at the sole
discretion of the City.
Issue date: February 23, 2018 Closing date: March 16, 2018at 12:00 Noon
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Scope of work:

The Scope of Work includes but is not limited to the following.
Offers are invited for the Purchase and Removal of Aluminum Cans collected through the Blue Bin Program in the City of Toronto from the date of award for a period of 4 months, 8 months or 12 months, at the sole discretion of the City.

Note: The City of Toronto is currently under contract for this product until April 30, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: A Bid security is mandatory with your Bid (refer to 12.1)

Base Bid (4 month period from Section 14.10) . %

Option 1 (8 month period from Section 14.10) . %

Option 2 (12 month period from Section 14.10) . %

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2.0 Official Point of Contact

2.1 Should Bidders have any questions about any aspect of this Request for Offers to Purchase, they should direct their inquiries by e-mail, to the attention of:

Ted Justin, Senior Corporate Buyer
Purchasing & Materials Management Division
Tel: (416) 392-5578

2.2 Bidders are encouraged to submit written questions and concerns to the Procurement Contact, no later than five (5) Business Days prior to the Closing Deadline.

2.3 Addenda may be issued as a result of questions and comments received prior to the Deadline for written questions at the sole discretion of the City. Questions received after the Deadline for written questions may not be addressed.

2.4 If the City does not amend the OTP by way of addendum, then the requirements of the OTP remain unchanged.

Response Requirements

5.1 Bidders are asked to submit one (1) original, clearly marked and one (1) additional hard copy of their Quotation. In the event where there is a deviation between the original and the copy, the original hard copy shall prevail.
5.2 In order to be considered for award, Bidders must submit with their Bid the following:

1. A completed and signed OTP Response Form, acknowledging all addenda. (see Page 1)
2. A completed Chart A as per section 12.5
3. A completed Price Schedule as per section 14.10
4. A Bid security (Certified Cheque/Bank Draft in the amount of $1,000.00 Canadian funds) as per section 12.1
5. City Policies Submission Form(s) – Appendix “E”

The Policy Submission Form contains statements from different City of Toronto Policies. The complete text of these policies can also be found on the City’s website at Where applicable, the Bidder shall answer the questions posed and include the submission form with the completed Request for Quotation, failure to do so will result in the Bidder being declared Non-Compliant.

6.0 Estimated Quantity

6.1 In this OTP one (1) Metric Tonne = 1.1023 Tons = 2204.6 Pounds

6.2 The average monthly quantity is anticipated to be 105 metric tonnes of Aluminum Cans which will be available from the Arrow Road Processing Facility (124 Arrow Road) during the period as shown.

6.3 Quantities provided are estimates only and should not be interpreted as indicating a minimum or maximum order quantity. The quantities shall be used as a basis for comparison upon which the award of the Quotation will be made. These quantities are not guaranteed to be accurate and are furnished without any liability to the City whether decreased or increased.

6.4 The average weight of each load is approximately 18 tonnes The City does not guarantee this amount as a minimum load weight. The City will not accept responsibility for weights of loads less than 17 metric tonnes, unless the average weight for the total of all loads received over the same one month billing period is less than 17 tonnes.

7.0 Material Inspection

Bidders are encouraged to visit the Arrow Road Processing Facility located at 124 Arrow Road, Toronto to examine the bale dimensions and material quality. Personal Protective Equipment (steel-toed boots, safety hat, vest, goggles) is required when on site.

To arrange a visit to the site you may contact Andrew Agbanti at 416-392-4687 or

8.0 Scheduling of Aluminum Cans

8.1 Throughout the duration of the Contract, the City’s contractors will schedule the pickup dates with the Successful Bidder by e-mail communication. Two (2) Business Days’ notice will be provided for a required pick up. The Successful Bidder must provide confirmation via email reply to indicate that she/he has received the correspondence and intends to have the load picked up.

9.0 Pick-up of Aluminum Cans

9.1 The Successful Bidder must pick up a load of Aluminum Cans on the scheduled date.

9.2 The City’s contractor will load the trucks upon arrival at the site.

9.3 Transport trailer must not exceed 53 feet in length and 118 inches in width.


10.0 Failure to Pick up Loads

Failure to pick up a load on the scheduled date will result in the following:

(a) The Successful Bidder will be notified of this failure by e-mail, which will serve as a notification of default.
(b) Upon any notifications of default, any or all of the following may occur at the City’s discretion:
i) The City may terminate the Contract.
ii) The City may ship the product to another company. If the City receives a lower price per tonne, the Successful Bidder may be invoiced for the balance.
iii) The City may store the product and charge any storage costs incurred to the Successful Bidder.
iv) The Successful Bidder may be prevented from future bids.
v) The City may draw upon the performance security to cover related storage costs.
vi) The City may take any other action necessary to recover damages or losses related to the Successful Bidder’s default.
11.0 Downgrading or Rejection of Loads

The City of Toronto must be notified and agree to any claims for downgrading or rejection of any kind prior to the processing of each load. The City of Toronto may elect to have the load(s) returned for examination.

In the event of any load(s) being downgraded or rejected as agreed upon, the City of Toronto requires proof of contamination within 72 hours of pick up by the vendor. Proof must consist of details of the results, method of evaluation used, and photographic evidence illustrating contamination.

The City contact for issues relating to downgrading or rejection of loads is Andrew Agbanti at 416-392-4687 or by email to

12.0 Mandatory Submission Requirements

12.1 Bid Security

Bidders must submit with their Bid a certified cheque/bank draft made payable to City of Toronto – Treasurer, in the amount of $1,000 Canadian funds to act as the Bid security. Any Bid received that does not satisfy the requirements of the Bid security will be declared Non-Compliant and not considered.

Failure of the Preferred Bidder to provide the full performance security within the time period stated in Section 15.2 will result in the forfeit of the Bid security to the City of Toronto.

The Bid security will be returned by the Purchasing and Materials Management Division following the award of the Contract.

12.2 Intended End Use

Aluminum Cans must be used in an environmentally safe and beneficial process. Quotations must include the intended use for the Aluminum Cans and show that it is environmentally friendly. Quotations that do not involve the reuse or recycling of the material will not be considered. Offers for energy recovery from waste will not be considered.

In addition, the Bidder may be required to demonstrate to the City that the processing of the Aluminum Cans meets the City’s expectations with regards to environmental impacts, labour, health and safety standards, etc.

Determination of the acceptability of the End Use will be at the sole discretion of the City and the End Use cannot be changed without the approval of the City.

12.3 Location of End Market

Bid submissions must include the final destination of the Aluminum Cans raw material where it will be made into the End Product.

The City of Toronto does not allow export of Aluminum Cans to countries that are not members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) unless the Primary Processor can demonstrate that any/all downstream processors meet or exceed environmental, health and safety standards equal to OECD Requirements. It is the responsibility of the Bidder to provide any and all appropriate documentation specific for the country that they are proposing to export to, that would prove that conditions stipulated are the same or better than OECD Requirements.

Bidders must state the location(s) of the End Market(s), including the City and Province/State, for example, Montreal, Quebec.

12.4 Tracking System Plan

Bidders must submit a tracking system that will monitor and identify the transportation of the material to its final location and End Market(s) as stated in 12.3.

The tracking system must include all information necessary to explain to the City how the material will move from the Processing Facility to the End Market. This includes the mode of transportation (e.g. transport trailer, train, ship, etc.), the various stages they are utilized, and the route to be taken.

MapQuest or Google map attachments are acceptable to show route taken only if the exact route will be followed to the End Market locations stated in 12.3. Otherwise a customized detailed route plan from the Arrow Road Processing Facility to each End Market location is required with the submission.

In addition, during the Contract, the Successful Bidder may be required to provide proof of this information by way of Customs documents, payment system or other means.

12.5 Bidders must complete Chart A. Failure to complete Chart A completely will render the Bid as Non-Compliant.
Chart A

Intended End Use of Aluminum Cans as stated in Section 12.2:



Purchase & Removal of Aluminum Cans

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