The deconstructed freight car currently sat in the Andrew A. Merrilees yard on old Weston Rd.

Andrew A. Merrilees was a industrialist railroad entrepreneur, whose business at Old Weston was supplying railroad supplies, such as rails and locomotives to corporate customers with their own sidings. He was also the most important collector and chronicler  of industrial railway history, for our area and many parts of Canada.

This freight car, in mid disassembly, is sat at the southern end of the Merrilees yard.

Photographed July 2016.


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  1. Raymond says:

    This old box car would look good sitting on the old CPR transfer table at RONA. Cover in the sides with that clear material they are using along the UP Express line fence/wall . Put the little locomotive on Merrilees property inside, out of the weather and all secure! Add a nice sign to teach people about the history of Andrew Merrilees Ltd. the loco and the box car!

    You are welcome!

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Agree the little air loco, would be nice to keep in the Junction, however I do not know if it is for sale. I intent to ask, right now documenting the Merrilees property is if the utmost importance. Would really like to see the old repair shop items at the Rona site to rejuvenated.

  2. Raymond says:

    Quite possible Merrilees would donate loco if a suitable place is found for it in the Junction which is why I made this suggestion. Box car would be a great way to protect it AND add to historical display.

    Previous RONA store manager wanted to fix up control booth on transfer table and I provided guidance on it. He wanted to wait for good weather as it was at the time winter. In the end nothing happened. That manager is gone. They did paint both tables (incorrectly) which was a great benefit and credit to them.

    Adding to the display and possibly holding an event there once in awhile would be a small boost for everyone, RONA, Junction/Stockyards businesses, as well as residents.

    The missing (never created) historical sign describing what these artifacts are would certainly help. Lots of local history being ignored.

    Suggest talking to Merrilees first and then the current STORE manager (not the on-duty manager) . Could be a win for all.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      I agree the round house items should be restored. Somewhere I have drawings of the turntable given by CP in 97. Also have photos taken by the CPR about the same time. Would like to see it reworked to a period, that someone like your would know enough to get it correct. The sign issue annoyed a few CPR people at the time, but those people have all left or retired now from the CPR, possibility they would contribute. They did pay for the roundhouse study paper. I agree there is too much junction history being lost.

  3. Raymond says:

    Restoration would be basic undertaking. Restore/repaint existing wood, replace worn/damaged wood with the same size and style of lumber, something RONA has lots of. Eventually, repaint steel black. No table anywhere was painted red.

    Good signage ought to likewise be basic and need not cost $10,000 as was previously proposed. ($5000 for plaque and $5000 for a stone base) .

    Addition of the box car and the loco would be a good choice to remember local industry (AAM Ltd.) connected to railways.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Agree with what you want to accomplish. City has two yards full of materials, plinth and good base material some old and most that are new and never used, that could be asked for. Many sit there until they break, from vandals. Some of the metal structure needs serious work on the car. The steel contours are simple though, and should not much.
      I do think the sign is just to high a bid.

      • Raymond says:

        I would really like to see a sign same as the three Junction BIA ones made with a pair of railway steel wheels with a large round plaque for description. Although this property is beyond the BIA boundaries they likely would be able to help with contact names for who did the plaque, who supplied the wheels and who did the work of fitting things together. This unique style sign isn’t cheap but would sure look great and fit in with the railway history theme throughout the area.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      I am thinking asking some Toronto Terminal Railways and PRN to help over a few weekends. They are always interested in old rail text.

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