The Good Neighbour tent board sign today

All junction as we have become coffee republic.

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  1. A.R. says:

    “Coffee republic” is something we should approach with caution. With too many coffee shops and houses, or any kind of business for that matter, the risk is that someday the market will change and many will close. The retail area may then lose its vitality with a glut of empty storefronts. It’s not inevitable, but it’s a risk of an overconcentration of businesses.

    I make the distinction between coffee shop and house based on the coffee, though I often hear coffee shop refer to any establishment that sells coffee. Coffee shops provide ordinary coffee and typically donuts, like Tim Hortons. Coffee houses tend to be more specialized in coffee and espresso, like Crema, and may have pastries. Cafes are often like coffee houses, but have a limited menu of food more similar to a restaurant.

    We’re fortunate to have all of these kinds of establishments in The Junction. Toronto now has quite a lot of coffee houses. Hopefully, it becomes entrenched in the city’s culture like coffee houses in Vienna. Already we have the image of the “Toronto latte drinker”, which some try to make derogatory, except they may eventually realize that lattes are good and independent coffee houses are often pleasant places to be.

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