Rockcliffe–Smythe where joined to Junction by good industrial  meat packing.

I used some of my time, to move around the Rockcliffe–Smythe area today, meandering around the industrial, and commercial streets, as well as the ravine, that sits to the north of the two meat packers. Also we went to the bottom of Symes Rd, and visited the old BOTHWELL – ACCURATE site. 

These areas I know well, and they were completely different today, then they have been for years even decades. Work was being done in the Symes Rd destructor, which will become the new home of the Junction brewery company. The BOTHWELL – ACCURATE yard at least appeared to be rented. Bank Bros (best company in the Junction) was operating as only they can, and flung building upgrades! Normally it’s St Helens Meats doing the upgrades to their vast land area. 

The area is fluxing, all great for Rockcliffe–Smythe area. 

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