The Junction is just feet out of the cities proposed cordon car travel tax area, meaning junction people will be taxed to drive into the city core.

The CP Rail corridor near Dupont St. to the north,is the west / north beginning of the fee applied to vehicles entering or exiting, feet from the widely accepted Junction demarcation line.

The Junction retail strip  least to Malta park should be included the cordon area, for the Junction economic future. as the line exists now cars will be charged to come into the Junction from the city core . and charged to leave the Junction into the city core


A “cordon” fee applied to vehicles entering or exiting a predetermined area during a certain time period has the potential to generate substantial revenue. The report defines Toronto’s downtown cordon zone as Bathurst St. to the west, the CP Rail corridor near Dupont St. to the north, Bayview Ave./Don River to the east, and Lake Ontario to the south. Cordons, or congestion zones, are increasingly common worldwide and, despite initial “mixed consensus,” have generally received positive public support after implementation.

Congestion tax

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