The Junction Triangle Home and Studio of Paul Kipps

Located on Dupont St, in the Junction Triangle is the studio and home of the late Paul Douglas KIPPS – October 15, 1948 – March 1, 2014 one of Canada foremost and influential artists and teachers of art. 

Mr Kipps was a long time professor at the University of Toronto’s Art and Art History Program, who always provided class instruction and assignments that were grasping.

His corouse was always the highlight of week, even dragging this author out if the glass studio they were so exciting. 

His beliefs in craft and art, helps many people though the interlinked between the two.

Below an example of his work, 

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Paul Kipps, Colette Whitten Over Taking Over

January 19, 2002 – March 3, 2002

Over Taking Over is an exhibition of works in which the artists looked to the generation of their parents, now passing, and of their children, now arriving. Although Colette Whiten and Paul kipps are individual artists in their own right- they are two of Canada’s leading sculptors- in their exhibition they are a husband and wife team who, in spite of their dramatically different nature of their works, have created a profound connection that will move the viewer from one to the other and back to discover layers of significance. 
Paul Kipps is the primary care giver for his widowed mother who has developed dementia. As a way of coping, he began documenting the impact of this event of his own life. Kipps’ strange “garden of sound”, created with soundtracks and fabricated cones, brings fragments of a mother’s telephone calls to her son as she struggles with her dementia. She begs for help and tried to explain her situation to him. The unreality she describes and the repetitiveness of her words enmesh the viewer in perspectives of love and longing. 
As a teacher and a mother, Colette Whiten has been witness to the individuals who will eventually replace her generation in the workforce. She regards them with a mixture of awe, admiration, and bemusement recognizing both their strengths and their vulnerability. Over Taking Over featured two of her large-scale, beaded curtain works, which incorporate thousands of glass beads to depict images of young women who, in the largest piece stride toward the viewer, and in the smaller, stand together whispering. Both pieces reinforce each other by emphasizing the things we hold closest. 
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