The Organic Garage the story, the future, and it’s beginnings in High Park, pleasantly presented, and edited for concise for read.

Currently under construction at 43 Junction Rd.

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3.1— General Development of the Business 🙂 somewhat edited to remove digging words not nesscesary to present the information and with highlighted sections by this blog.

Organic Garage is an independent, Ontario-based natural and organic grocery chain with 2 stores operating through OG in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Organic Garage’s main business activities are selling natural and organic products to consumers through its retail network of store locations. 

Organic Garage was incorporated in 2005 and was born from a concept market that operated inside High Park in Toronto, Ontario. The market was used to test the idea of affordable natural and organic products and through its success, the first location in Oakville, Ontario was founded and opened in March of 2006. 

Organic Garage is an expanding specialty retailer of natural and organic groceries. Its focus is on providing high-quality products at affordable prices. 

The goal is to generate long-term relationships with customers based on a transparent and honest approach by selling only natural and organic groceries that meet Organic Garage’s strict ingredient standards and utilizing an efficient and flexible smaller-store format to offer affordable prices in a fun and inviting shopping environment. Organic Garage’s core mission statement is to offer healthier options for less. 

In recent years, prior to become a publicly listed corporation, OG (formerly Organic Garage), the following events are considered by management to be significant developments in the business of Organic Garage. 

• On March 14th, 2013, the lease was signed for Organic Garage’s second location located in Vaughn, Ontario. 

3.3 — Trends, Commitments, Events or Uncertainties 

Considerable changes in food retail in Canada have occurred over the past ten years. Management or Organic Garage believes that new consumer preferences as well as an increase in two income families, an aging baby-boom generation and a focus on healthy and organic eating are behind many of these changes. 

Market shifts related to product diversity and consumer choice have been the result of these changes. Canadian consumers are demanding service and convenience but many Canadians also want the food that they eat to be healthy and environmentally responsible. The latter demands are evidenced by a shift away from foods that are processed or contain high levels of sugar, saturated fat and salt, and towards more fresh, natural and organic foods with simplified ingredient compositions that can be easily understood. 
The focus on health and wellness is further evidenced by an increased consumer demand for individual or smaller portion sizes.

 Finally, Canadians are becoming increasingly more informed, and concerned, about the sources, quality, environmental impact and sustainability of their food choices, and therefore, are placing greater expectations on those that produce and sell food. Many grocery stores cover huge areas, in comparison to grocery stores of a decade ago.

 Organic Garage is focusing on providing a broad array of organic food at a more accessible price than many of its competitors. It intends to make significant capital investments aimed at modernizing its stores, distribution network and business systems. With respect to selecting the location of stores, the recent trend has been for large food anchor retailers to locate away from enclosed shopping centres to free standing locations or strip centres, to find neighborhood locations in growing markets as well as to seek urban locations. 

Other factors outside of the control of Organic Garage include but are not limited to: changes in general industry, market…

Short-Term Business Objectives 

Our primary business objectives are to continue growing and expanding Organic Garage and increasing the number of stores. With a view to the long term objectives, discussed below, Organic Garage has three primary short-term business objectives. 

1. The first short-term objective is to build the third store. Organic Garage is currently engaged in preparing to open this location in the west end of Toronto during first quarter of 2017. This location has been in development for four years and will showcase Organic Garage’s newest concept and branding, which has been in development for the last 12-15 months. 

Organic Garage is also currently engaged in site selection for two locations, which Organic Garage intends to open by 2018. 

2. The second short term objective is to create a model, using the design and branding of the third store, that can be created for all future store locations. 
Long-Term Objectives 

Organic Garage’s main objective is to continue to grow as suitable locations are found. It is the goal of Organic Garage to continue to add new locations each year. 
The opening of the third store increases the number of existing stores and, as such, the reach of Organic Garage. In addition to this, however, it will act as a blueprint for further growth and as a showcase for the developments that have been worked on in store brand and design over the last 12 months. 

Our Growth. Organic Garage is focused on the following keys to continued growth: 

Increased Store Counts: Organic Garage is currently focused on the Toronto market. As the largest city in Canada with the highest levels of population density (, Organic Garage will be put in the best position to have new store success and capitalize on the continued population growth going on in the city. 

Increased average basket. Organic Garage is working to consistently have positive store sales growth. 

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  1. Raymond says:

    An interesting read. Supposedly the original owners split up and one started Sweet Potato on Dundas West and soon moving to Vine Avenue. Now, OG sets up their new location in competition nearby on Junction Road.

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