Thinking that new condo with the brick walls is made of brick, think again.






Speed is an important a important element in new condo construction in Toronto. This condo project like many in Toronto now using the new slices of brick. to touch the concrete bases which are lifted and bolted to the building. The top picture you can see segments in the lower part of the building that are already attached in the second image you can see segments resting on a transport trailer waiting to be moved about a block forward to the building and be lifted and bolted to the building.


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  1. B Hunt says:

    We will be doing the full restoration on the Selby Hotel just below that fake brick condo. The entire facade will receive a traditional colour wash and 4mm ribbon or tuck pointing. Along with a new slate roof, copper, restored wood, and new windows, this will outshine the condo in the background. We were successful with the Campbell Block, so this one will be just as good if not better. Please check out 62-4 Charles Street… its about to be unveiled.

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