Tim Hortons to come to the Junction

Tim Hortons has submitted an application to the City for a “30 seats or less” restaurant to be located at 3157 Dundas Street West. The building is currently home to a Baker’s Dozen Coffee Shop, at the corner of Dundas and St Johns Road, east of Malta Park.

Application: Building Additions/Alterations Status: Not Started
Location: 3157 DUNDAS ST W
Ward 13: Parkdale-High Park
Application#: 12 242045 BLD 00 BA Accepted Date: Sep 12, 2012
Project: Restaurant 30 Seats or Less Multiple Projects
Description: Interior alterations to create *Tim Hortons* from existing vacant space. Changes to front door opening, new ramp, refurbished patio, and addition for refrigeration.

Thanks to reader Brad for sending this in.


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  1. MikieBoy says:

    There’s a bunch of the old Maltese crowd that likes to sit by the side of the place to smoke and chat. They’ll probably lose at least some degree of this…feel bad for them.

    • Mo says:

      That was my first thought too. I hope they welcome them and find a place for them.

    • Rusty says:

      I don’t, considering they sell drugs and constantly cause problems over there. The “kingpin” is a dude who hangs out there all day ever day, selling drugs out of his hummer 3. There have also been a couple times a fight has broken out on the patio while I was in there. The owners turn a blind eye to all of this, presumably out of fear.

  2. Sam says:

    Always wondered when this was going to happen!

  3. A.R. says:

    It’s too bad to hear that we won’t be seeing redevelopment of this suburban-style property yet. I’ve always thought that this site would make for a great little flatiron building, with retail on the first floor that could accommodate a Tim Horton’s. Those tend to be stable businesses. I can’t see redevelopment happening soon after a Tim Horton’s opens.

  4. MikieBoy says:

    Good point, A.R.

  5. niall brown says:

    What a mistake for the Junction. Just wait and see all the cars stopped along St John’s beside Malta park. I just hope they don’t stuff a drive through like they did on the one across from Shopper’s drug on Dundas further west of the Junction.

    Idling cars right beside a childern’s playground. I hope Parking Enforcement apply the rules consistently.

    What a waste of a prime focal point to the ‘hood.

  6. Vic says:

    It’s probably too much work to actually demo the building and re-develop the property. Tim’s is likely doing this on the cheap. Looks like they’re just modifying the existing building. Fewer approvals required for that. Similar to the Tim’s on Bloor at Indian Grove where they just modified an existing building and left a parking lot in front, missing out on any kind of better development of that corner.

    In both cases, this will probably stall great things from happening for a while. Totally agree with A.R.

  7. rudy says:

    I was walking by this old coffee shop one day as I usually do and noticed a fence around the property and automatically felt a little sad about it. I thought of the old guys socializing outside of this place day after day and now it’s gone and was wondering what’s coming here now. Another Tim Hortons ? wtf… this location is one of a kind and now T.H. has to come here and ruin it.

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