Toronto parking Auth.,new sign at 400 Keele St. going in today


The old sign was removed some time ago and the footigs installed and they are finally placing the new sign today  at the Green P at 400 Keele  St.


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  1. Martin says:

    I think people are going to hate this sign as it is far too large for the space.

    When the EYCC reviewed this proposal the documents mislead people into thinking the old sign would be replaced with a similar sized one. Not so and now the first thing people see as they enter the Junction from the north is a sign fit for a highway.

    What part of our community can the city sell next?

    Maybe Dundas can be Sony Avenue. The Junction 40 could be the Home Depot line which would stop at Rona Station just across from the Future Shop Secondary School. It sounds farfetched but similar add spaces have been suggested by council members.

    • Theirry says:

      Its a sign for parking, to allow more people to stick around and shop in the neighbourhood Martin… not sure why you deem this “outrageous”?

      From the picture the sign looks to be of similar size, and just updated in design.

      • Martin says:

        What you see in the picture is the post which when complete will have a 20 foot tall billboard attached to it.

        The little “Green P” sign is ok with me.

  2. Jimbo says:

    I was walking down Keele and because of the trees at the corner of Vine and Keele the sign isn’t visable until your actually at the parking lot.

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