Turf for Parks

Turf for parks has become a issue all around the city, as natural turf in some heavily used parks and playing fields devolves in mud and standing water.

The parks department, has begun to use large areas of manufactured turf in new fields and parks.

Below are some recent pictures of the new Regent Park athletic field.

The field is covered in manufactured turf. The material is laid down from large rolls, and real soil is worked into the underlying mesh which holds the green fibers. 

Also pictured is the seating, viewing picnic areas.

The Junctions may be interested to know the east end area from Jarvis Ave. to Brovdview Ave of about  50 blocks, has 5 major park renovations being done as this post is written. 

The Junctions none.


Close up of plastic turf, weighted down by real soil

Medium photo of plastic turf

Turf and running track photo 

Seating and gathering area, west side of field

Sun protected eating area . 

Field edge south/west side, field drainage 

Wide photo of picnic/gathering area

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