UK’s Guardian newspaper, Justin Trudeau deploys the politics of hype

The UK’s newspaper The Guardian is stating that…

Canada’s PM is a counterfeit progressive who champions war-planes, pipelines and privatization – look across the pond for economic and environmental justice.

highlight text from the article, the guardian uk, Martin Lukacs

Out of breath? He has also broken an electoral reform promise, initiated a privatization scheme that is a massive corporate handout, left un-repealed a Tory political spy bill, launched air strikes in Iraq and Syria despite pledging a withdrawal, and inked the largest-ever weapons deal with the brutal, misogynistic Saudi Arabian regime.

full article here

…with the growing international press interest in Mr Trudeau’s substantive actions, a subject not really addressed in Canadian newspapers, the blog thought it would highlight the interest. Although for a liberal and socialist leaning blog it is abit diif.

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