Unbelievable small lot house – design ideas

all images courtesy of SNARK image © ippei shinzawa

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the small town of honiyo-shi is about an hour and a half by car from downtown tokyo, a place that resembles many north american cities in that all of
its citizens rely on private automobiles due to the lack of public transit. set back within the narrow corner site, the ‘house in keyaki’ by japanese studios
SNARK and OUVI contains a parallel outdoor parking spot surrounded by a small garden that occupies the remaining plot.  three vertical strip windows
located on the east, west, and south facades guarantee natural illumination throughout the interior at all times of day. triangular voids on the second
storey floor plan, located right beneath the glazing, allows sunlight to penetrate into the ground level giving the residents a constant sense of the time of
day through the changing qualities of light. the gaps in the floor also create a stronger visual connection between both stories creating a unified inner space,
with a rooftop deck for a more private exterior setting.

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re-blogged from designboom click for many more images


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