US delays by three years and maybe more positive train control, for toxic-by-inhalation cargo Id & location.


for installing positive train control systems across the US extended for a further three years
The Rail Safety Improvement Act, mandated positive train control (PTC) systems installed on passenger railroads and Class 1 freight railroads on main lines used to transport passengers or  toxic-by-inhalation (TIH) materials, by December 2015.

This was mandated following the Chatsworth train collision.

Railroads position.

American Railroads (AAR), says the industry had been telling Congress “for years that the original deadline was simply impossible to meet”.
About PTC,

  1.  PTC refers to technologies that are designed to automatically stop trains. 
  2. Investigations  have determined  PTC technology could have prevented the Cathsworth incident.
  3. One system that is interoperable on both freight and passenger railroads.
  4. PTC technology that will be installed as  overlay systems, they will supplement existing train systems and safety protocol.
  5. PTC systems will continuity watch over train activities such as speed, terrain, weight and length, and the number of locomotives, as well as signaling and interchange track settings.

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