Victoria Royce Presbyterian Church stained glass coming down

The Victoria Royce Presbyterian Church stained glass windows are coming down this week and are destined for another church, we are told by the company removing the glass. The Junction loses a real important artifact that helped set the grammar of ornament on Annette St. Yet at least it’s going into another church.

A tip came in from blog reader Hamish so we scooted right over there. Here are some images of the removal.

Picture Credit – Robert

An update will be posted, once we can get more info.


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  1. hamish says:

    152 Annette Street (Victoria Royce Church) – Approval of Alterations to a Heritage Property and Intention to Designate, Part IV, Section 29, Ontario Heritage Act

  2. Sheila Macdonald says:

    I had read some very disconcerting information about where the windows would go.
    Lack of $ seemed to be a factor which could have simply sent most of the windows or sections of them into a scrap heap. I hope all of them found an appreciative home.
    My dear father, Rev Hugh Macdonald, was minister at Victoria Royce in the 1960’s and early 70. I am almost glad he was not alive to see (the glorrious portrayals) them dismantled. Had I been in Canada at the time I would have attempted to at least get a section or even a broken chard, in his memory. I wonder if it is too late. Is there any information regarding this?

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      The blog does know a stained glass firm removed the windows, probably for reworking and/or manufacturing into other windows.

  3. Catherine White says:

    I truly loved the church and stained glass windows. I believed it would always be there.
    It is a sad thing that the beauty of them is gone from the junction.
    I have moved away from the city more than 25 years ago, but those windows inspired me
    to be a stained glass artist. It is a shame.
    To Sheila Macdonald I remember your father well and when it was time to pass the collection plate he would say,”cheerfully given joyfully received the lord loves a cheerful giver.” I hope the windows were cheerfully received.

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