Vine Ave. Parkette and the retail development of 108 Vine Ave.

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Vine Ave is home to some of the most exciting and dynamic public space and happenings  in the Junction. An array of all ages use the parkette all though-out the day. Equally important to the parkette are the  peacemaking activities people and groups create to gather and recreate in the parkette. There’s also the historic sense of Vine Ave and it’s parkette as the community high-street north of Dundas in The Junction neighborhood.


Does the community need to make sure that any development – at least those such as the grocery store at 108 Vine Ave. – that need a zoning change, address the effects on the activities at the park and the 14 hours or so new traffic conditions that will go with it.

…at least, prohibited driving restrictions for the parkette area. 


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  1. neo says:

    How about NO RETAIL at all on Vine!

    Let’s have a creative space such as the “Tampery” mentioned in another post….subdivided spaces for people transitioning from home to an office, high tech start-ups or artists in need of small working spaces.

    Parking is becoming increasingly difficult for local residents as the area becomes more popular with each new restaurant on Dundas and people already speed up the street at frightening speeds to take a short cut past the Dundas and Keele bottleneck.

    Just having the current illegal retail spaces causes parking issues.

    I’m totally against retail on Vine.

  2. neo says:

    Warning to all users of the Vine Ave. parkette.

    There is a man who walks 2 white and brown bulldogs who seems to be mentally unstable and should be avoided. Recently he let his dogs urinate in the childrens play area of the park, as he always does, and when a parent made a comment he had a full on “roid rage” freak out on the poor parent drawing the attention of everyone on the block – phones in hand ready to call 911 if it escalated to physical violence.
    Be careful of this person.

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