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Already convinced that suburban life – moving to the suburbs is becoming increasingly unpalatable for many.  City life is becoming  preferable according to this article in The New Republic, which looks into an idea called “demographic inversion”  What’s it saying is  that the neighbourhoods and communities near employment, leisure and convenience services areas are more popular now than the suburbs. Think west of Bathurst St-  all of those wealthier people with the money or credit to purchase new condos and houses, as well as the older versions of the same.  Areas such as the Humber area, the West Bend of Dundas St., High Park, and The Junction all have this demographic shift happening. It is the easiest to see in areas such as the Wallace St as well as the Junction industrial districts, where the take down and conversion (much less) of industrial buildings has removed almost all of the working factories.

Demographic inversion may also move the less affluent to move to the suburbs which may become the working persons “district”. This is evident when looking at the apartment blocks between King and Queen in the Parkdale area, an area where many new immigrant families start their life in Canada making a home there, then eventually buying a suburban home with extended family members.

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