What a West Toronto development site costs – an example

207 New Toronto St

Realnet – a real estate Information Service used by just about very commercial property investor and developer is reporting 207 New Toronto St. Etobicoke, has sold for $8,620,000 in a 100% ownership transfer or

The land is part of old ICI companies land and a few years ago Toronto Redi-Mix wanted to operate a concrete batch operation at the site. With this sale, has that been completely pushed off the table?

New Toronto Good Neighbours Association opposed this plant strongly, although they did support a package delivery company proposal on the Former Ivaco site bounded by 8th St., 13th St., New Toronto St. and Birmingham St.

Toronto Redi-Mix is a well regarded company in the construction industry as indicated in the industrial media, it just seems they cannot work it out which understandable as each has it’s own goals. Interestedly the New Toronto Good Neighbours Association site fails to update on the outcome of their effort. Would it be helpful to other groups if they provide a brief summary of the outcome…?

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  1. Jem Cain says:

    Hi Folks,

    My neighbours and I founded New Toronto Good Neighbours.

    It is not true that New Toronto Good Neighbours supported Canpar coming into the neighbourhood aka “a package delivery company.”

    The City of Toronto is responsible for Canpar through the now defunct “TEDCO’ which was renamed Build Toronto. Good Neighbours identified many issues including air quality from the diesel trucks, noise and invasive lighting and the City of Toronto and Canpar largely ignored the negative impacts on their residential neighbours.

    We updated our website on the outcome of our efforts to relocate Toronto Redi-mix and we advocated on many issues in our community.

    Before you spread false information. Check your facts.

    Sincerely, Jem Cain co-founder of New Toronto Good Neighbours

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