403 Keele Steet – Village by High Park – Project update




403 Keele Steet - Village by High Park artsist renderings

   Tower A (Phase 2)                           Tower B (Phase 1) 

403 Keele Steet – Village by High Park artsist renderings



Village by High Park is a high rise condominium development consisting of one 16 storey 296 unit condo and one 23 storey 311 unit.  Commercial retailspace will also be provided at ground level.

 Project update

·       September 2008 – Demolition was completed on the old Canadian Tire store

·       October 2008 – Shoring work to hold back the CP rail lines in progress

·       December 2008 – Continued on site preparation

·       January 2009 – Crane installed to begin Tower B (16 storey 296 unit)

 Looking forward

·       Spring 2009 – Crane is installed to begin Tower A (23 storey 311 unit)

·       Early Winter 2009 – Tower A and B external structure complete

·       Winter 2010 – Internal work to compete suites, amenities and HVAC

·       Spring/Summer 2010 – Occupancy begins!


Options for Homes is also hoping to hold a community celebration this spring

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  1. Ryan says:

    The addresses for these two towers will actually be 60 and 61 Heintzman St, as opposed to the original address of 403 Keele St. Thanks for the schedule info!

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