When the Junction had The Largest Chesterfield Makers in Canada on Vine Ave.



The Queen City Furniture Co., Limited
27 – 63 Vine Ave., West Toronto, Ont.


a letter from a customer 1922

Messrs Queen Clty Furniture Co. Toronto, Ont.

.We have received those six Suites ordered from you the other, and we rind that you have sent on more than we order ed, Pcssibly this was done for the reason that the shipment would ccme practically at the same cost without this extra Suite.

The suites that we received last have all moved off our Noor and we are very pleased to sayto you that this last lot that came in we hope will move just as rapidly.
..We find in some cases that the opposition to the Queen Cry Furniture Co. are ridiculing some of the goods t.hey manu facture. but we have been customers of this concern for a considerable length of time, and has bought thousands of Dollars worth of goods and we have yet to and one customer that we have sold goods to that has become dissatisfied on ac count of workmanship or inferior work.

For instance we bought several hundred rockers in Tapestry and imitation leather and we have been selling th.s particular chair for some ccusiderable time and the customer who have purchased these chairs have recommended them to there friends and we are still sellixw this rocker.
We have had many chesterfield suites from you and we want to say to you that so far as we are concerned this merchandise has given us perfect stisfaction.

The customer who have purchased them have made no complaints to us what- ever and they are pvrfectly satisfied in every way. Evidently the reason that your competitors are finding fault will the constructicn and the manufacture of your goods is because the amount of business that you are getting they figure they should get otherwise to put it plainly little petty jealousies have crept in and they are using a hammer,
Yours Very Truly

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