Who would have thought, councillors Gord Perks and Sarah Docuette who represent the Parkdale and High Park areas, voted together 92%


Above attendance percentages for the local elected persons.

Toronto City Council conducted 19 meetings over 132 sessions, lasting about 289 hours and 53 minutes, or on average 2 hours and 11 minutes per session.

94.3% of Toronto City Council’s time was spent in public, and 5.7% was spent in secret

Toronto City Council’s secret sessions largely dealt with personnel, litigation, and legal advice.

• Council’s average attendance was up slightly, from 84.8% to 87.7%. At

any given time, there are on average 5 or 6 councillors missing from the chambers.

• Councillors Campbell and Holyday are noticeably more likely to vote ‘no,’ on any given motion.

• Council considered approximately 1,800 votes and sub-recommen-dations, the vast majority of which were of a procedural nature rather than policy.

• The vast majority of votes pass in Council, although with substantially more debate than compared with the previous term, or with other cities analyzed by Council Tracker.

Mayor Tory’s win-rate is relatively lower than other city mayors, but much higher than Mayor Ford’s was during the previous term.

• The number of council members who are able to maintain a win-rate of greater than 80% has grown slightly from 15 councillors to 18.

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The Toronto Sun on the report


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