Yea Yea,old Benjamin Moore HQ at 139 Mulock Ave appears to have been occupied again

Thanks to reader Patrick, who emailed notice of this and provided the image of the building.


The old Benjamin Moore HQ at 139 Mulock Ave is occupied again, and an internet search indicates it is this company, CONSULTEC an  engineering solutions company operating globally.  This is just the type of company the Junction needs, intellectual technical services, related to industry. As much of the Junction industry leaves and with it the industrial heritage of the area, the coming of this firm brings back more than their whole for the community. Thanks for coming!

from their website…


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  1. jimiv says:

    This is great news for our street, when the property was empty it became a dumping groud, the new tennants have cleaned it up and I saw a couple of their employees picking up junk at the Loydd-Mulock Parkette.

    I say welcome to the nieghbourhood!

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