2295 St Clair ave West

The building at 2295 St Clair Ave West which appears to now be completed is a wonder in the old stockyards area. Everyone who passes it should really take a good walk around the building to see it’s strong yet balanced design and enduring construction methods and the excellent use of materials. This building also should receive the distinction of being the only building built for many years in the traditional design of industrial and public buildings in the junction. Look at the back of the building, the canopy provides welcoming cover from water and sun. This is welcome strong and nice looking building in an area of ST. Clair West. that needs cleaning up..

Society Of Portuguese & Disabled Persons Building

The objective of this organization is to build a centre for all disabled persons irrespective of ethnicity. Its primary mission is to integrate and support all community members in need of social recreation and rehabilitation. The goal of this organization is to provide skills to enable
independence. Programs are intended to foster sharing and learning of
new ideas and skills that facilitate the daily activities of the

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